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Yo everyone~ Anime Weekend Atlanta is now over, and I'm...kinda...disappointed? Like, I don't know if it's because my excitement level over life has dropped to a 0% level in the last few months, or I was just kinda unwilling to go in the first place, but either way, I wasn't as thrilled as I normally would be. But before I get into cosplays, I changed up my lineup since my last post. My bestie Dani got me into Supernatural back in May and she sparked my interest in cosplaying from the show, so... That's what I did. 

For DragonCon back in August, I broke out my first attempt at my Fem!Castiel cosplay, which actually worked out surprisingly well, except for the fact I sweated all the way through to my trenchcoat because of the heat, and my hair was sticking to every inch of my head. I had it curled to one side in this really pretty fashion, but then it got hot and nope. So for AWA, I changed it up and, along with buying an Angel Blade and spray painting the ever loving crap out of it, I did my hair in a bun. To which my friend commented that I looked like Naomi without the trenchcoat, and then I wondered what would happen if I walked up to a group of Cas cosplayers dressed like her. BUT anyway, Friday worked out surprisingly well and I got a ton of hugs and about a dozen pictures taken, and I'm waiting to see if anyone'll actually upload them. Since it's a more mainstream cosplay, I'd expect to see them. 

Saturday, I did my best at cosplaying Tatsurou again, this time from the 15th Anniversary pamphlet, Misshitsu era. And it came out REALLY well. I got the gauze to fit perfectly and it didn't choke me or smush my nose. Only problem was, no matter how cool it looked, no one would ever think of taking pictures of it. Blake took one, and then two other random people took some, but that was it. Other than the ones I took and put on my Facebook, I really doubt anyone will upload the ones they took. If they did, it'd be a miracle. Saturday was relatively uneventful, and after hanging out with my friends, I actually left around 1:30 due to sheer boredom. The only things I bought were a cameo necklace and five pyramid dice, cause I really like dice and I've been collecting them recently.

I've been reading the comments about the con on their Facebook group, and I was completely unaware of how bad the security/staff were this year. EJ nearly got his ear chewed off, a ton of other people were roughed up/yelled at/etc by security for issues such as standing three inches from a wall in line instead of on the wall like they wanted, for one, and one even for accidentally bumping into a guard. The stories are getting more horrifying the more people come online, and honestly I'm really glad I didn't have to pay to get in this year (transferred badge,) because if I had to pay and then saw that all that happened, I'd want a refund.

Branching off of that - I really, really think this may be my last convention, period. Since MomoCon, I've been having serious doubts about cosplaying at conventions, due to the lack of recognition (I picked a hard niche to cosplay, apparently) and the fact that I pay for a badge and then never buy anything other than food. It's becoming more of a hassle every time I go, because I feel obligated to go see people and I never go to any panels. Basically, I'm paying mega cash to go to a market just to window shop. I'm not good at meeting people anymore, and I'm really surprised I've met all the con friends I have over the years. But those numbers are dwindling and I really don't know what to do. 

This doesn't mean I'll stop cosplaying. It only means I'll no longer go to conventions unless it's for covering a band and/or event for I'm way more productive outside of conventions where I have control of my photoshoots and I don't have to rely on others, plus I can do what I want to do without being judged. Plus, I'm tired of buying things for outfits and never using them, something my sister brought up a few minutes ago. It's been a good five year run, and I've met a lot of people along the way that I consider friends. But I think after this, I'm done with the circuit, unless someone wants to pay for my badge or I decide to do another panel. Though, DragonCon is always a viable option.

So anyway, that's that. I had a decent time this weekend, got to see some people I haven't seen since I moved back home, and got to go back to my home convention. I started back to college this semester and I don't really have a lot of time for drawing, but I'll try and get some done soon. I wanna do some things for a friend, so I just gotta find time. Plus, there's some photoshoots I wanna do. If any photos pop up that're decent from the con, I'll post them here. But for now, until next time~


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Zetsubou Nikki
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